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What is Socality?

Founded in 2014, Socality is a creative community that exists to inspire people from all walks of life to create things that make a difference. Socality began with the simple goal of connecting creatives online and in person using social media and live events. Over the years this has grown into a vision that includes local community events, workshops, creative camps, online content and storytelling, and collective initiatives designed to engage the community at large around projects and organizations that are changing our world for the better.

Why Socality House?

Over the years Socality has hosted events in decentralized spaces with no place to truly call our own. From the Golden Gate Bridge, Cannon Beach to Dumbo Park we have always been determined to gather. We have dreamed of what Socality would look like if it was a space. All of this has led us to the birth of Socality House. We created this space to be a place where people could gather, connect and create together. A place where the possible feels tangible. Socality House is where community becomes family.

So welcome to Socality House. Make yourself at home. A place where stories come to life.

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